We tackle each project from a cinematography perspective. We are narrators and filmmakers all along. We take the lead from the idea to script and turn it into picture, sound and fairy-tale with a unique twist.
We have created some successful TV series in the region. We are constantly working on the development of new projects, co-operating with accomplished and upcoming writers from GCC, MENA and abroad.

We offer a diversity of combined services, from concept development and script writing to filming and post production. Our expertise in production leads to the creation of innovative digital content, videos and shows that are different and go viral.

Every idea can be treated with a different story, and every story has a narrative that suits your customer, viewer, or platform.

Whether you want to tell a reality or a fantasy or you have a specific message to communicate, consider the benefit of an engaging and targeted script. At kingset, we work with you to tailor the perfect story for your ideas; our expert writers and storytellers will guide you from research through beat-sheets to commentary and script. Along with writing original scripts, kingset provides drafting and script consultancy services to enhance your content.